About Den.VR

Denver’s original Virtual Reality Artist Collective. We create live VR experiences rooted in music, the arts and self-expression.

As an outlet for creative and innovative applications based on virtual reality technology, DenVR produces immersive, sensory and inspiring experiences for live audiences. DenVR is creating new possibilities never seen before by utilizing VR, including live art and music collaborations, pop-up events for local businesses and their incomparable trademark events.

Upcoming Events


Friday, Aug 25 2017. Syntax Physic Opera House

The second installment of the DenVR Series will highlight music created from virtual reality. Artists will use HTC Vive VR headsets and controllers to trigger midi instruments, drum machines, and live looping in 3 dimensional space. Featuring solo artists Ben Tyson and Evan McCandless, and Denver psychedelic rock band King Eddie performing a hybrid VR set.

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Our Neighbors, Our Friends

Friday September 22 2017. McNichols Building, Downtown Denver, 6-10pm

'Our Neighbors, Ourselves', a production of Project Worthmore, is a collaborative mixed media art exhibit and live music event which aims to promote awareness of and increase support to Denver-area refugees. The event exists to bring compassionate artists together, and through our diverse creative expressions, cultivate the inherent value and dignity of human life.

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TBD Summer 2017

DenVR’s Alan Watts on Vinyl show invites the audience into his world of buddhism, mythology, human consciousness, philosophy, and that tasty feeling we all love called Zen. Designed to be a mind journey for an intimate audience of 30, DenVR will pair live virtual reality painting, music, and Watt’s lectures to create an intentional atmosphere and experience.

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Past Events

Denver Art Museum "Untitled" with DenVR

Friday, July 28 2017. Denver Art Museum

Produced with DenVR for July, Untitled Final Fridays is the museum's monthly late night program featuring workshops, performances, and tours with a twist. Experience the museum in an entirely different way—every time.

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The Underground Music Showcase

July 27 2017. Syntax Physic Opera House

Kick off the Underground Music Showcase with Moon Magnet and DenVR’s official “time travel” -themed showcase at Syntax on July 27. Visit to the ancient pyramids with live virtual reality painting and Denver bands DeCollage, King Eddie, Moon Hammer, Vinyl Williams, and more.

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Friday, April 21, 2017 | Mercury Cafe, Denver CO

A sold-out multimedia immersive-theatrical show at the Mercury Cafe. In this show, the band opened a mysterious and forbidden box, inviting the audience into a cosmic world of magical realism in which deep sea fish swim with comets, constellations and galaxies are made of volcanic bubbles, magicians conjure dazzling illusions and a psychedelic jester narrowly escapes a mysterious interdimensional police force. Featuring live VR painting and a stunning projection show by the DenVR collective. The show, like the band, defies description and simply must be experienced.

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100+ With Birdseed Collective

July 23, 2017
Gart Sports Castle

DenVR features a large scale Virtual Reality public experience popup at the 7th Annual 100+ Art Show & Fundraiser. Each year BirdSeed assembles the works of at least a hundred artists for a big ONE-NIGHT ONLY open-themed exhibition to help us raise funds for arts programming.

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Soul Stories

May 26th | 7:30 - 10:30
Orbis Institute
1818 Gaylord Street, Denver CO 80206

Soul Stories and DenVR will be hosting a Virtual Reality Story Slam where 6 storytellers will share a story around our theme: Embrace. This night will be dedicated to embracing each through storytelling combined with virtual reality painting as a way to elaborate on new forms of self-expression, creativity, and collaboration. You’ll watch as a painted virtual world unfolds before you tieing the storyteller’s varying experiences together.

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First Friday at Hunter Bay

April 6, 2017

DenVR hosted a Tilt Brush VR PopUp Night at Hunter’s Bay Coffee Roasters in conjunction with an art show by students at Pamona High School. Parents, teachers, classmates, and patrons took turns painting in VR and got to watch on a projector one another’s artwork unfold in the process. The students also recreated their art show submissions in Tilt Brush.


Friday, July 01, 2017

DenVR hosted a Virtual Reality Art and Music Show at Syntax. In collaboration with 5 local artists, and in support of our nonprofit sponsor Conservation Colorado, the artists painted to the theme of water protection and rights. The audience of 150 attendees watched on a massive 10x10 projector as each 20 minute painting unfolded. The conversations happening in the world based on the theme that night were the icing on the cake to an already incredible showcase of creativity and technology.


Pop-Up Events

Allow your customers to try virtual painting or immersion for themselves at a DenVR Pop Up event, or let them witness a more curated experience with professional VR artists that we partner with.


Partner with DenVR to bring Virtual Reality to your event. Live music sets, fundraisers, festivals, and more. We’ll create a tailor made live VR experience that’s in alignment with your event theme and goals.

360˚ Video

Our ability to harness movement and panoramic media is an instant hit that audiences love. We can film your even with our 360 camera setup, which you can then use the interactive video on your social media, website, etc.

Email Us: denvr@betakillers.com


Beta Killers and Deep View Bring Virtual-Reality Painting to Syntax Physic Opera

Erica Prather | Westword January 31, 2017

Denver musicians and painters will join forces for a virtual-reality experience this coming Thursday, February 2, when Beta Killers and Deep View present "DenVR: A Virtual Reality Art Show."

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Dream While You're Awake With Chimney Choir's Dream Show Encore

Amber Tauffen | Westword April 20, 2017

Most artists only dream of getting a do-over, an opportunity to revisit a specific night of magic and spin it out again. But that's what Chimney Choir will be doing this weekend with Dream Show at the Mercury Cafe.

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